Colin's Munros


Carn an Righ, Glas Tulaichean, Carn Bhac, Beinn Iutharn Mhor & An Socach
Map 43, 19th June 2008

Route: Cycling: 10.6 miles, 1.75 hrs; Walking: 16.5 miles, 8+ hrs; 2170m = 7120' ascent.

Access: Bike from Inverey to Altanour Lodge.
Route: This is an enlarged version of the walk here, which does not include Carn an Righ or Glas Tulaichean. It requires a good level of fitness and a long summer day because of the distance and the amount of ascent.
Terrain: Mixture of heather, rocks & peat hacks; some paths. Not hard going, but not easy either – medium going throughout. Mainly rocks on uppermost slopes and ridges of Beinn Iutharn Beag & An Socach.
Connectivity: Orange on all tops.
Weather: 11°C at car, stiff breeze, overcast, occasional sharp showers.

0910 Park at Inverey (just beyond Mar Lodge) 340   00.0 miles NO08918923No Orange
  Cycle S up Glen Ey track (E bank of river &
right fork in Inverey) to bridge to W bank.
360 0.5 milesNO08668834 
  Take left fork with steep pull up of 230'      
  Continue track S to Auchelie (ruin) 435 951.8 milesNO08758637 
0940 SE to bridge to E bank 4651253.0 milesNO10058493 
0955 Then bridge back to W bank 4801404.75 milesNO08918296 
SW to Altanour Lodge & leave bike. 5001605.3 miles
0.0 miles
NO08268235No Orange
1055 WNW to Carn Creagach (a Corbett Top) 8945551.0 mileNO06938302 
1110 W to col 775   NO06078283 
1130 W to M Carn Bhac 9467302.15 milesNO05108321Orange
  SW to col 895   NO04548277 
1145 WSW to T W top 9207552.9 milesNO04108275Orange
  S along boundary to bealach 785   NO04318146 
1210 S to top 818 8187904.0 milesNO04348107 
1220 SE to main bealach 755 4.3 milesNO04728065 
1250 SSE along boundary to N top Beinn Iutharn Mhor 101510504.9 milesNO05157986 
  SSW to col 1005   NO05067967 
  S to minor bump on ridge 1025   NO05007944 
  SW to col 1015   NO04817933 
1305 WSW to M Beinn Iutharn Mhor 104510905.45 milesNO04577927Orange
  S to bealach 910 6.0 milesNO04737842 
1325 SSE to T Mam nan Carn 98611656.3 milesNO04907794Orange
1345 SW to pass 775 7.15 milesNO03857717 
1410 W/NW to M Carn an Righ 102914207.87 milesNO02867726Orange
1430 SE/E back to pass 775 8.6 milesNO03857717 
  E to lowest point on path 750   NO04447724 
1520 Cross valley, then S up corrie
direct to M Glas Tulaichean
105117509.87 milesNO05107601Orange
1545 N to bealach W of Loch nan Eun 800 11.25 milesNO05907793 
  Contour NE just above shore to burn from col. 800   NO06237829 
1600 N up burn to col above L. nan Eun 845179511.75 milesNO06107863 
1610 NE to T Beinn Iutharn Beag 953190512.15 milesNO06527913Orange
1645 Direct descent E then round head of valley
to just below bealach
755 13.2 milesNO07817924 
1705 N to M An Socach (W top) 944209513.65 milesNO07987998Orange
  Due E to col 895 14.4 milesNO09168007 
1735 NE to T An Socach, E top 938214515.0 milesNO09898058Orange
1750 Descend W to Carn Cruinn 862217015.6 milesNO09088117 
1815 NW to Altanour Lodge
using ftbr at NO08378236
500 16.5 miles
0.0 miles
NO08268235No Orange
1820 Cycle NE on track to bridge to E bank 480 0.55 milesNO08918296 
1835 NE to bridge to W bank 465 2.2 milesNO10058493 
1900 Cycle N to P at Inverey 340 5.33 milesNO08918923No Orange

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