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Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan etc. (GlenAffric), Maps 33 & 414N
17th April 2004 & 19th April 2008

Route from Cluanie Inn: 2400m = 7900' ascent; 30.2 miles (first 6 & last 12 in valley); 15 hrs.
Route from Glen Affric: 2030m = 6666' ascent; 20.0 miles (first 1½ & last 3 in valley); 13 hrs

Route 17/4/04 from Cluanie Inn: Poor, very wet paths (partly the weather), endless peat bogs in valleys.
There are other choices of route over the Munro tops of Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan. In particular, there is a path from the bealach due N of the YH into Coire nan Dearcag, enabling an ascent to Bealach nan Daoine and then Mullach na Dheiragain without going via the summit of Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan. This path is marked by a small cairn around 100m west of the bealach.
The second route here uses this alternative, and it would save here 4 miles mainly by avoiding the big (though easy) circumnavigation round the west side of Sgurr Gaorsaic.
It is well worth staying in the Glen Affric Youth Hostel the nights before and after to cut the distance on the day by about 11½ miles.
Weather 17/4/04: Snow, cloud & increasingly strong wind from 9 a.m.

0455 Park A87 near Cluanie Inn at track end.
(There is also parking on old road
beside forestry at NH08701209.)
230    00.0 milesNH09201205
0545 Track & very boggy path N to pass 4302002.75 milesNH07791614
Path N over ftbr to Glen Affric YH (Alltbeithe) 2702155.75 milesNH07952023
0810 Ascend path due N to bealach 7957457.6 milesNH07952288
  E to minor pt on ridge 8437957.75 milesNH08162283
  E to neighbouring col 818 7.95 milesNH08482287
0835 E to M An Socach NH088230 9219008.15 milesNH08822300
  Return W to col 818 8.4 milesNH08482287
  W along ridge to minor pt. 8439258.6 milesNH08162283
0855 W back to bealach 795 8.7 milesNH07952288
0905 W/SW to T Stob Coire na Cloiche 91510459.0 milesNH07522272
  WSW to col 875 9.1 milesNH07352262
0915 WSW to Stob Coire nan Dearcag 94111159.27 milesNH07152250
  W to col with lochan 915 9.4 milesNH06922249
0930 W to E top of Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan 97011759.7 milesNH06462252
  W to col 955 9.77 milesNH06352253
0955 W/NW to M Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan 1151137510.25 milesNH05702287
  W to col 1105 10.4 milesNH05452280
1010 W to T Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan W Top 1143141210.5 milesNH05292283
  Return E to col 1105 10.6 milesNH05452280
1025 Return E to M Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan 1151146010.75 milesNH05702287
1050 Descend ridge NE to Bealach nan Daoine 845 11.5 milesNH06652350
1120 Continue NE to T Carn na Con Dhu 967159012.05 milesNH07262418
  NNE to Bealach na Con Dhu 885 12.75 milesNH07782515
1150 NNE to M Mullach na Dheiragain 982169013.25 milesNH08062594
  Further N to Bealach na Dheiragain 925 13.4 milesNH08072620
1200 N to T Mullach Sithidh 974173013.6 milesNH08212641
  Return S to Bealach na Dheiragain 925 13.75 milesNH08072620
  Re-ascend S to M Mullach na Dheiragain 982179513.9 milesNH08062594
  SSW to Bealach na Con Dhu 885 14.45 milesNH07782515
  Continue SSW to T Carn na Con Dhu 967188015.12 milesNH07262418
  SW to Bealach nan Daoine 845 15.7 milesNH06652350
  Turn W off ridge, descend 100m to avoid cliffs
& contour round to S side of An Gorm Lochan
885193016.25 milesNH05742334
  Ascend W to col S of Stuc Bheag 1030207216.55 milesNH05252336
1400 NNE up to T Stuc Bheag 1075212216.8 milesNH05352372
  N to col 995 17.0 milesNH05302402
1415 N to T Stuc Mor 1041217517.15 milesNH05362427
  NNW to bealach 883 17.65 milesNH05132501
1445 N to T Stob Fraoch Choire NH052253 918221017.8 milesNH05212530
  Descend SW to Allt Coire-Lochain. 600 18.53 milesNH04432454
  Contour round W into Gleann Gaorsaic
and descend SW to valley path.
400 19.4 milesNH03182411
  Path S to beside L. Thuill Easaich. 400221020.0 milesNH03002316
  Head S to path junction S of Loch a'Bhealaich 400 21.65 milesNH02962063
1745 Follow path E then S to bridge
(It is normally better to continue to bridge
by YH to avoid fording the Allt Cam-ban.)
260223024.7 milesNH07041971
  Path/bog SW to ford of Allt Cam-ban
(Saves 1 mile over ftbr at YH, but
very wet peat hags in Fionngleann.
280225025.4 milesNH06731878
  SE over peat hags to Allt a'Chomhlain
and ascend very sodden path S to pass
430240527.4 milesNH07791614
1945 Track S back to end on A87 230240530.15 milesNH09201205

Route 19/4/08 from Glen Affric: Although this route is much shorter than that from Cluanie Inn, half of the difference is from traversing the hills in a different way rather than due to the walks in and out. Strawberry Cottage is 5.0 miles from the Glen Affric Car Park (mostly cyclable), which would make this walk 30 miles long, just like the first, but with 3½ more miles on hill paths instead of valley tracks. There's about 70m ascent to add each way from the car park to the cottage and back. So the total ascent is only 130m or so less than Route 1 for a start at Glen Affric car park.
Equipment: For winter conditions, ice axe and crampons may be required particularly for contouring round above Loch an Fhraoich-choire.
Weather: Sunny intervals, cold but light east wind, dry, slowish snow on ground down to 2000', freezing level below 3000'.
Mobile: No Orange reception on any tops.

0610 Strawberry Cottage 235    00.0 milesNH13252063No Orange
0620 Track W to join Path 255  200.33 milesNH1270420813 
0645 Track W to Allt Coire Ghaidhiel 260501.5 milesNH10812085 
Path N to Bealach Coire Ghaidhiel 7155053.57 milesNH0984623827 
0825 Ridge SW to pt 906 9066954.0 milesNH0933423440 
  SW to col 875 4.2 milesNH09402325 
0840 Ridge SW to M An Socach 9217454.4 milesNH08822300No Orange
0850 Ridge W to shallow minor col 818 4.65 milesNH0849922878 
  W along ridge to minor pt. 8437754.85 milesNH08122281 
0900 Ridge W to bealach at path from YH 795 5.0 milesNH07952288 
0905 Ridge W for 200m to cairn at descent path 8208005.1 milesNH0774522900 
0925 W down to N end Loch Coire nan Dearcag 735 5.45 milesNH0717923102 
0940 NW out of corrie to nr Bealach nan Daoine 8459005.9 milesNH06652350 
1005 Ridge NE to T Carn na Con Dhu 96710306.45 milesNH0727324189No Orange
  NNE to Bealach na Con Dhu 885 7.15 milesNH07782515 
NNE to M Mullach na Dheiragain 98211337.7 milesNH0804225918No Orange
  Further N to Bealach na Dheiragain 925 7.85 milesNH08072620 
1105 N to T Mullach Sithidh 97411708.0 milesNH0821826415No Orange
  Return S to Bealach na Dheiragain 925 8.15 milesNH08072620 
1120 Re-ascend S to M Mullach na Dheiragain 98212358.3 milesNH08062594No Orange
  SSW to Bealach na Con Dhu 885 8.85 milesNH07782515 
1205 Continue SSW to T Carn na Con Dhu 96713259.53 milesNH07272420No Orange
SW back to Bealach nan Daoine 845 10.1 milesNH06652350 
1305 Descend W by 75m to avoid cliffs, & contour
round to below outflow from An Gorm Lochan
840 10.55 milesNH0595723600 
1345 NNW to NE ridge of Stuc Mor, then between
upper/lower cliffs to N ridge of Stuc Mor
950145011.33 milesNH0526224581 
  NNW down to broad col 883 11.6 milesNH05172510 
1405 N to T Stob (Stuc) Fraoch Choire 918148511.8 milesNH0522325309No Orange
  Return S to broad col 883 12.0 milesNH05172510 
1445 SSE to T Stuc Mor 1041164712.47 milesNH0536724279No Orange
  SSW to col 995 12.63 milesNH05302402 
SSE up to T Stuc Bheag 1075173012.8 milesNH0535823732No Orange
  S to col 1030 13.05 milesNH05252333 
1535 S to T Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan, W Top 1143185013.43 milesNH0529422815No Orange
  E to col 1105 13.52 milesNH05452280 
1555 NE to M Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan 1151189513.7 milesNH0570422846No Orange
  E to col 955 14.15 milesNH06392251 
  E to E top of Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan 970191514.22 milesNH06462252 
  E to col with lochan 915 14.5 milesNH06852252 
  E to Stob Coire nan Dearcag 941194714.65 milesNH07152250 
  NE to col 875 14.8 milesNH07352262 
1645 NE to T Stob Coire na Cloiche 915198714.9 milesNH0752322724No Orange
1655 Ridge NE/E to nr bealach 795 15.22 milesNH07952288 
1745? Path S down to lower gate in deer fence 300 16.75 milesNH0827020535 
  SE cross country to valley track 260 17.0 milesNH07952023 
1810 Track (formerly path) E to track end 250199217.9 milesNH09952085 
1820 Track E to Allt Coire Ghaidhiel 265200018.45 milesNH10812085 
1900 Track E to Strawberry Cottage 235203019.93 milesNH13252063No Orange

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